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For over 10 years we have been at the forefront of its business field and is recognized as one of the world’s leading consultancies in manufacturing and project management combined with Silicon Valley innovation.

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With a reputation for innovation, responsiveness we provide our customers with a market-focused attitude to its products. We blend innovative designs with individualized customer solutions.

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Industry Partners

We have numerous qualified manufacturing partners in China, Vietnam, and SE Asia as well as established design partners across the globe. In addition to our world class services, our IP support will also protect your idea.

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Some Words From Our Clients

“ Nova nous a aidé a sélectionner des fabricants de coques plastiques et d’accessoires mobiles. Aileen et Sean sont toujours disponibles et connaissent des fournisseurs sérieux, rapides et de qualité. ”
Herve Jegou
Novean intohimo kehittää uusia teknologioita on todella upea. Sen lisäksi, että he toimittavat tuotteet, heillä on myös paljon markkinatietoutta, jota olemme hyödyntäneet omassa verkostossamme ja markkinoinissa.
Marko Liimatainen
Working with Aileen and Novea’s team has been an incredible experience. Timing was crucial and I needed my product developed by a certain date and Novea had my prototype ready before the deadline.
Carlos Arreola

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


Defining goals and needs is paramount for any project’s inception. Master planning to accommodate anticipated future needs and evaluation of project alternatives are some of the steps we take to ensure a project’s seamless execution.


Understanding what our clients want from the start is key to achieving the desired result. Whatever your business needs or aspirations, we offer a relationship-based approach to put the right solution in place.


The team involved in this phase will be responsible for duties such as: conflict resolutions, inspections and adhering to schedules. Oversight in this area is critical because it has significant impact on a project’s total cost.


A coordinated effort among the entire project team is essential to help eliminate errors, reduces cost, and improves overall building quality. Implementing a continuous measurement system ensures the defined goals and objectives are being met.


Meticulous planning, defining objectives and adhering to schedules are key principles that are important to us so that the client’s project is executed exactly how they envisioned it and in a timely manner.

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